About Us

We are a new museum with a global vision, a project that does not know boundaries, a museum with one of the most important and largest train model collection in the world. It will be an integrated resource to present every aspect of the world’s railroad development and its impact on the world’s society, culture and economy.

MUSEIT will offer a wide an incomparable collection of scale models trains. It will illustrate the worldwide train adventure from its beginning until nowadays, all presented with an extensive historical documentation and interactive tools, that will help and stimulate children to enter the railway adventure . Thousands of artifacts allow to get a special glimpse of the railroad world.


The origin of the model collection goes back to 1958. In the beginning, the collection mostly included italian train models, later german, french and american models were added. Today after ten years of investigation, ongoing studies and a growing collection we have created a unique project.

Our Mission

Contribute to the vitality of communities by presenting new contents, new narratives, configure new relations and perceptions of other cultures which equip people to live in a globalized, multicultural society.

To preserve and transmit values through the collection, the history and the fabulous experience of the railroad world.

To bring history, adventure, learning and fun into peopleĀ“s lives, to relate the artifacts to something people values today.

To collect and buy a large number of scale model trains and all sorts of objects representing the history of railways around the world.